Flatbed semi Trailer
Technical Specifications:
Dimensions: Length: 12600-13600 mm Width: 2550 mm Capacity: 31500 Kg  
Chassis Construction: Chassis and other metal pieces are made of high - strength steel (S500MC) with special fixture automatic Co2 argon welding machine.
Floor Construction: Floor 30 mm abrasion resistance plywood with pillar holder and ratchet holder in appropriate distances
Suspension and axles: 3×9 ton EU standard disc brake or drum brake, front lift axle
Braking System: EBS System (Electrical Anti Block Brake System) with RSP (Roll Stability Program) Disk and Drum, Knorr ® / Wabco ®(germany) Two double acting diaphragm brake chamber per axle.
Landing Legs: Static Capacity 50 Tons & Dynamic Capacity 24 Tons (JOST) Germany
Painting: Shot blasted, according to SA2/5 and washed by special material, painted with a layer of epoxy primer and of polyurethane final coat
Electric System: 7 and 15 Pole quick release connector, Austrian Pair of 24 volts rear light, side light and alarming system from Aspock with LED Type.
King pin: 2 Inch JOST king pin made in Germany
Axle/ Suspension: axle with air bags cylinder air suspension system with special shock absorber Lower and Rise Capability of Trailer
Tires: 6 pieces 385/65R22.5
Rim: 6piece rims 22.5 × 11.75 tubless
Accessories: Trailer park lock system Automatic front lift axle 60 Lit Water tank 3-step sliding ladder
Galvanized spare tire holder Fix Rear bumper 2 Toolboxes 10 side pillars
Towing Mechanism Plastic chock pcs Holder for fire extinguisher 6 pcs mud guards and 2 mud flaps
9 ratchets and side hook for holding cargo load Capacity for installation of 8 containers lock for carrying 20-40 feet containers
Options: Holding standard and certificate of welding inspection and dimensional control Optional rims and spare Tires
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