About Maral Sanat Javid

Maral Trailer Industrial Group was launched by Mr. Reza Rostami in 1989 in Urmia as small chassis workshop. Later in 2001, Rostami brothers established Maral Sanat Javid Co. in a 6000 Sqm. surface area with a workforce of 20 people. Currently, after many years of hard work and gaining experience, Maral Holding consists of several companies in Urmia and a company in Tehran, on the whole in an area of more than 250,000 Sqm. with covered production halls of more than 100,000 Sqm., as the largest and most equipped production lines of different types of trailers, axles, trailer boxes and parts, creates direct job opportunities for 800 persons and indirectly for more than 5000 persons in the country. By taking advantage of the latest technologies and capabilities of its highly skilled engineers and staff, Maral Trailer Industrial Group has now achieved manufacturing capacity of more than 15000 trailers per year with different utilities by more than 20 various groups. Production of different types of trailer axles, trailer tool boxes and more than hundreds of all other parts used in trailers based on the latest world standards should be added to the above mentioned capacity. The Group is proud to adhere 17 ISIRI standards (holder of national standard insignia for all its products), International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR) and ISO 9001:2008 Certification for LPG Storage and Distribution (Management System of Germany), making Iranian brand highly well-known. Based on customers' requirements, the industrial group designs and manufactures competitive products by relying on expert manpower and using the latest technologies of the world. Every product is designed by Group's technical and engineering unit in a precise 3D model, manufactured in the production lines under supervision of experienced engineers with the most advanced robots and passes quality control tests with the most accurate equipment. In order to provide an integrated after-sales services throughout the country and easy access of customers to aftermarket services in more than 40 cities and transit routes, the Group has launched sales and after-sales services centers and has increased products guarantee period to improve customer's satisfaction. Maral Trailer Industrial Group, as the largest, and most reliable trailer manufacturer in the country, has offered its products to foreign markets and exports to the European, Asian and Middle Eastern countries. To this end, Maral Trailer succeeded to obtain CE standards. The goal of Maral Group is to be on top of trailer and trailer parts manufacturers in the Middle East

Maral Sanat Javid Co. Succeeded To Gain Important Titles And Prove Its Qualifications, Some Of Which Are: